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Domain Name Generator & Search
DomainBam is the best domain name generator and suggestions tool to help you find your dream domain name. With its comprehensive domain name generator and checker, DomainBam give you in an instant a plethora of available domain name suggestions and ideas in all extensions to help you find the most perfect one possible for your websites.
Domain generator
DomainBam generate thousands of suggestions of available domain names adding words and terms to the keyword you entered to be precise to the theme and niche your website is targeting. A link is offered for each domain to the best and cheapest domain registrars so you can buy it today and avoid losing it to someone else.
Domain availability
DomainBam is also a domain name checker tool that automatically detect the availability of the domain name suggested so that you don’t have to research their status one by one. It’s practical and help gain a tremendous amout of time.
Private and secure
The traffic to DomainBam is encrypted and the results of your domain name searches or suggestion results aren’t shared with other users. Search for your domain name in all privacy. Your peace of mind is our peace of mind.
Domain name filters
DomainBam helps you sort the results of the generated available domain names suggestions and ideas through several filters. From choosing the place the keywords at the beginning or at the end to choosing the number of additional words to add to your keyword(s).
Domain name checker
The integrated DomainBam domain availability checker tool is efficient and help you know immediately if a domain name is taken or not. You can be redirected immediately to a registrar by selecting one on the bottom of the pages and then clicking on the ‘Buy’ button.
Does not store your searches, invade your privacy, share your activity, forget to be efficient.
Do offer the best tool for you to find the best domain name possible for your sites in full privacy.